Maria Lynn Gattuso

Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, Author, Teacher, Speaker, Healer

As far back as she can remember, Maria has had a connection with the Divine. Placed in a Catholic Convent Nursery School at age four, Maria remembers an overwhelming and loving presence that would shape her life. After many years in search of wisdom and overcoming obstacles, Maria has obtained a refreshing, healing and a transformative approach to life, reality, healing and joyful living. She is a dynamic and inspirational Teacher, Speaker, Certified Reiki Master and Sacred Akashic Record Reader, giving many lectures at schools and universities such as Montclair State University, St.Peters University and Bergen County Community College. Maria speaks and teaches classes on Spirituality, Meditation, Healing, Reiki, Thoughts as Energy and other topics. She offers one-on-one Coaching Sessions, Reiki Sessions and Individual Akashic Record Readings.

Contact Maria today to schedule an appointment, or to arrange for her to speak at your next event. Phone: 973-725-3260 Email:


Be prepared to explore mind, body, spirit connection with focus on mind/heart coherence. When the mind is focused and the heart is open, limitless possibilities become reality. Through clear evaluation and energy reading, meditation and energy work, blocks will be revealed, and with your participation and willingness, removed.

Energy can freely flow toward what you want more of and less of what you don’t. Bring a journal, drink lots of water before and after, and bring all of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s time for transformation of the highest order. If you are not local, no worries. Coaching Sessions are also available through electronic means.


Even if you have never meditated, or you are proficient at it, come and connect soul to soul with Maria for a transformative meditative experience.

“Together we can go much deeper than when we are alone and sharing our focused intention to rise to higher states of consciousness creates just the right atmosphere to soar beyond our wildest dreams”. Whether one-on-one, or groups, going within has never been easier.

Reiki Sessions

Come and experience Maria’s healing room where hands on healing, sage smudging, hemi-sync sounds and her immense love and light transmute imbalances in the chakra system. You may arrive feeling heavy and weighed down, but by the end of the session you will feel “As Light As A Feather”. If you’ve never had a Reiki session before, now is the right time for you to experience Maria’s version of Reiki.

She incorporates all of her knowledge and experience and holds nothing back. She also offers distance healing if you are not local. Energy knows no bounds and through sacred geometry we “know” that we are one and everything is connected.

Speaking Engagements

Reaching the multitudes with immense Healing Light is the main focus to Maria’s teaching  and healing journey. She offers insight, intuition, a dynamic perspective, and a wealth of information coupled with humor and compassion. She speaks truth and extends a very unique perspective to life and overcoming self-imposed limitations, along with mental and emotional blocks. If time allows, stick around at the end of the event to personally meet one-on-one with Maria and experience her insight first hand. She is able to read your energy and offer direction to most who are open to it.


Maria Lynn Gattuso



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